Parenting Classes and Workshops are held throughout the world. Click the link below to download our PDF Facilitator brochure. Please Contact Us for more information regarding the setting up of a workshop, or on how to become a facilitator without much hassles.
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“I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was very useful and enjoyable… It is about giving ideas to parents, not telling them to do things, to get a clear perspective in bringing up children.”
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On our resources page for parenting classes and info you will find helpful and relevant parenting class links to articles, websites, news and information. We offer these resources to parents as a free service so parents can stay active with their children and ideas after taking our online classes. Read More

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The Strengthening Families & Communities: Online Parenting Class is available now!

Teaching Parenting Classes online is what we do.  Our world renowned, interactive, and court approved online parenting class is recognized as a leader in helping to create positive and healthy lifestyles for you and your children. In the Strengthening Families & Communities: Online Parenting Class you will engage and benefit from the 5 components, which are essential to successful parenting (Culture, Relationship, Rites of Passage, Discipline, and Community). Not only is the Strengthening Families & Communities: Online Parenting Class easy to use and accessible to everyone, you can take it anytime, all in the comfort of our own home! Through the use of HD videos, interactive questions, and over 20 years of knowledge in this field, our evidence based online parenting class will give you the tools needed for success.

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Facilitator_Brochure_ThumbAs a parent you will benefit from the online parenting courses we offer by learning a variety of discipline tools, coping strategies, and innovative and practical parenting course information.
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